The science of synthetic mica – Informing your decisions

Synthetic mica currently consists of only around 10% of the global supply, with mined mica being ...

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How Do I Use This…?

When casting a spell, some sort of guide is usually handy - for avoiding accidental transfiguration...

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  • Terra-Form

    An incredible substance that opens all new ideas and opportunities for dice making!

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  • Pyroxeres

    I tried a small amount of this in a mostly clear mix, and it was like the dice was on fire when in the sun! The colour shift in this is subtle, yet complex and eye-catching, I want to include it in all my warm-toned pours!

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  • Darkside

    I think this one is my favorite shade for now. The blue is so deep and the strong color-shift to purple is absolutely mesmerizing!

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  • Bard

    Shimmery pink holographic flakes. Do I really need to say more? This pigment is fantastic, like magic in a tiny jar!

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