Who Are We?

Congratulations! You’ve discovered the ‘About us’ page, which either means you’re extremely interested in us or extremely lost. Seeing as you’re here though you might like to know that we are Callum and Charlotte (we also run @rattlecake_inc_dice) – a humble team of two artists/dice-makers that started our journey by becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of availability of conscience-friendly special effects pigments to use in our work; and so we began our search for an ethically transparent company that could also supply the very best in the pigment world!

Months of research later, we had delved much deeper than we expected into the science of chromatics and how to achieve exactly what we wanted, but in the process had realised something quite special.

That realisation was the birth of Chromatic Castle, a family company with a clear focus to hone in on and provide the world’s cutting edge pigments for artists and cosmetics aficionados across the globe.

Our passion for clarity and accessibility led to a few key tenants that we stay as close to as possible.

  • We’re confident in what we sell, so you can be too.
  • Science meets Fantasy. You can let your imagination run wild with your projects knowing that we focus on the ‘simple science’ behind it all, and presenting that information with each range or product so that you can make the most informed decision possible to achieve the exact result you want first time.
  • Our site-wide media is shot in natural lighting with only the lightest touch of editing so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • We aim for our pigments to accent or elevate your piece by presenting a wide variety of specialist pigments at all sizes to make sure you’re covered whatever you need.
  • Experimentation is paramount to us. We’ll keep pushing and we encourage you to as well!
  • Break the boundaries of what you think you can do with our pigments and feedback your results into our community and forum. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to test what we produce!
  • We’ve got our roots in the community and that’s where we intend to stay, no matter which roads we pursue we’re always only an email away.
  • Charity. With close ties to multiple charities and once we’re up and running in March, we’ll be running funding drives to make sure that you know that your purchase is going to a good cause.
  • Colours for all complexions. Inclusivity and awareness is key to us, as a family of many heritages we’re keeping a foot forward in providing the most stunning options for every individual, and every skin tone.

We hope you love our products as much as we do, and we can’t wait to see what spells you cast!

Much Love,

Callum and Charlotte


Charlotte & Callum, in their much cuter days…