Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! Provided you have an identifiable address, we can probably get it to you. We have even dealt with groups of artists who have placed an order and split the shipping and import duties between them, and forwarded everything amongst themselves. If you want to double check anything, feel free to send us an email at admin@chromaticcastle.com and we'd be happy to clarify anything.

Do you do refunds/returns?

For hygiene reasons (especially on our cosmetic products) we can't take returns if a product has been opened. But if you have been sent the wrong item by mistake, we can accept it as a return provided the hygiene seal is still intact, and it is returned to us in its original packaging. Likewise if you experience a fault with anything you order, please get in touch and we'll try our best to resolve things as quickly as possible, with either an exchange or a refund. See our returns policy for more information.

Where do your Pigments come from?

Everything we stock is lab made and fully synthetic (we have more information on the ethics of mica mining in our 'Science' section). There are a few different labs we work with to manufacture our products and develop new ones, but every supplier we work with has been certified to EU standards for quality control, health and safety, and working conditions.

Will your pigments change the balance of dice?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: Mica powders, flakes and glitter in general are so light in weight and density that they wont make any real difference for a die. Air bubbles are more likely to effect roll fairness, but even factory produced dice have those and roll just fine. Fair enough for a casino to use should mean they'll be ok for a TTRPG session!

Are your products tested on animals? Are they Vegan?

We don't test anything on animals, nor do we use any animal products in our manufacturing process.

Still need help?

For further questions please contact us at admin@chromaticcastle.com